“Before we can forgive one another, we have to understand one another.” 
Louisette "Louise" Emma Goldman (born Kseniya Aleksandrov) is an Anarchist and is a female communist and was the roommate to Ada Bowes-Lyons and James a homosexual. She herself is also a lesbian was having an affair with Asher Moreno De La Torre during the time between her becoming a widow and being reunited with Tommy.

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Originally from the communist party of the United States of the Lady Carolina's and was born in the Grand Principality of Moscow but migrated to the US when she was fourteen due to the faint happening in her home country. Her father was a fern believer in communist and her mother was a feminist so the two principles where instill in her at a young age. Her parents died due to starvation and she was forced to become a thief to survive.

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Louise was a beautiful young women in her early twenties with natural raven hair that she bleached blonde and blue eyes and always wore red lipstick she also always spoke with a faint Russian accent.

On her right thumb she has a tattoo of a cat in a box symbolizing her past as a thief.

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  • The last part of Louise's name is Emma Goldman which was the name of real life anarchist political activist and writer.